Web Development

TSP designs and develops web applications incorporating the concepts of Value Ranges, Illegal Values, Format Validation, Data Completion and Data Validation. These are the defining concepts for successful applications.

Value Proposition

TSP is committed to persistent cycle of pragmatic learning, experimental adaptation, and constant evaluation; and focuses on developing methods that help develop elegant applications in the shortest time.


TSP is successfully using the latest innovative tools for rapid application development that bring down the cost of software project lifecycle by 40%.

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Microsoft Certified Partner
Offering Integrated IT Solutions

Technology Solution Partners L.L.C. (TSP) is a professional Connecticut-based information technology (IT) consulting and services company that represents the knowledge of more than 100 successfully completed IT solutions/software applications, spanning over 22 years with focus on Life Sciences and Healthcare Management Systems.

With an extensive experience in integrating innovation with technology, TSP comes up with a comprehensive and collaborative approach that covers all aspects of the solutions, customizable business model, lean philosophy, and innovative “IMPACT” Delivery Model. TSP delivers unique and elegant solutions that are timely delivered, simple to use and manage, offer cost reduction, and meet pressing business challenges.

Since 1995, we are a Microsoft Certified Partner and have consistently demonstrated our expertise in providing outstanding solutions using Microsoft products. TSP has successfully developed and deployed projects internationally in a number of countries including Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Portugal, South Africa, and U.K. TSP provides clients with onsite, offsite, and remote services.

Backed by strong administrative system


TSP is fully equipped and maintains a host of development environments at its facilities, including multiple operating system platforms, databases, application servers, multiple software tools, infrastructure for development, staging, testing and demo; enabling the company provide complete, secure hosting solutions.

To ensure the success of each project, TSP maintains an evolving base of industry-proven processes and methodologies that helps in executing projects based on ISO 9001 policies and procedures in order to deliver consistent quality in the shortest time.

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TSP is committed to establishing and maintaining strong relationships with the technology companies that shape the information technology (IT) landscape. We currently have alliances in place with leading IT companies.

TSP has entered into strategic alliances with key Systems Integrators, Software Development companies that have vast experience in their respective fields. The combination of TSP staff, key partners, and a large pool of on-call business and technology specialists, enables TSP to rapidly upsize its team on short notice to support large-scale multiple projects.

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Delivery Model

TSP utilizes a unique delivery model, “IMPACT” (Interface, Modular, Professional, Accountability, Cost and Timeliness), that encompasses the necessary elements of our work philosophy to ensure that organizations receive comprehensive and cost-effective IT services.

The “IMPACT” Delivery Model provides customers with dramatic savings of nearly 40 percent as compared with traditional IT service offerings; and exceptional flexibility and benefits along every step of a project, including programming, development, testing and quality assurance.

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